“I'm a photographer.
Not a website designer”

Real Estate Photographer

I'm a photographer. Not a website designer. Story-telling photos are necessary to properly market a listing, and that's my role. Knowing my expertise lay behind the camera, I leave the rest up to PrimoListing.

Their user friendly property websites are a balance of aesthetically pleasing in order to visually highlight the property to the buyer, while also being easy to navigate and providing easy access to more detailed listing information. What's even better is the client dashboard and simple set up of each property website.

“All the fields are right there - I just plug in the information”

All the fields are right there - I just plug in the information, upload photos and other documents or videos, choose a domain name, publish it and it's done.

My clients love the format, as well as the benefit of their own login to edit property websites associated with them, and couldn't be happier. And when they're happy, I'm happy.


Three options, great features

Simple pricing plans to suit every user type.

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  • $20 to Publish a Listing
  • $15 per Custom URL
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